Neiman Azzi... A traveler in time and space.

With these terms we may introduce Neiman Azzi who charmed a large audience in all corners of the planet.

Universe is his field, with all its splendor; painting and architecture, music, songs, Photograph and mainly fashion to which he dedicated himself without limits, wholeheartedly with love.

Oriental traditions or Asiatic splendor, American dream or European refinement, we find all these figures, despite their diversities, in the heart of every event he sings.

An orchestra conductor who combines rigor and discipline to creativity, in a remarkably subtle manner and in a vanguard perspective, in particular, a professional vision. Endowed with a sixth sense, Neiman Azzi is donated to spot true talented, to lead them by hand, to introduce and to launch them towards the always shining sun.

From California to New York, Tokyo, Rome, Milan, Paris, Dubai and Beirut, he joins the great key cities with his vision and his expertise as he still remains one of the top event organizers of those extravagant & astounding weddings happening nowadays internationally.

With him every event is similar to a Carnival, more joyful than of the Samba countries. His personality full of life and optimism cannot but reflect his job... for all the above, Neiman Azzi is the Maestro by excellence... a unique Maestro, second to none and... bearer of a guaranteed success.

Neiman Azzi